TT electronics AB Connectors specialises in delivering highly complex electronic connectors and interconnection systems for Aerospace & Defence, Industrial and Rail applications.
With commitment to a structured new product introduction process, TT electronics AB Connectors continues to invest in research and development of new materials and processes, surface treatments and the very latest manufacturing technology and techniques to ensure its products meet the most exacting standards encountered in such demanding harsh environments.
From plant layout to production line set-up and quick changeover processes, TT electronics AB Connectors offer the ideal service, with a flexible manufacturing environment and accredited facilities.
Engineering teams design for an increasing market portfolio including the world's leading transportation original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
Since 1979 IDI has been a leader manufacture of spring probes for the industrial, medical, military and semiconductors industries. Among IDI's list of clients you can find many of the largest names in these industries.
You can find more information about IDI’s standard products at: or you can download IDI’s catalog here.
IDI's strongest feature is the ability to offer custom solutions to its clients; this is the majority of IDI’s business. IDI has been developing custom connectors (Board-to-Board, Board-to-Wire, and Wire-to-Wire) since 1979 and its engineers have been working daily on finding creative solutions for making IDI's clients' connectors more efficient; whether in durability, life cycles, size, or electronic issues.

Based on IDI's patented spring probe technology, IDI’s connectors provide:

    • Blind mate solutions
    • Contact-to-contact spacing (pitch) as fine as 0.4 mm
    • Consistently low resistance through tens of thousands of           connections
    • Superior continuity in high shock and vibration                            environments
     • Resistance to dust, salt fog and a range of chemicals
     • Ingress protection under the most stringent requirements
     • Excellent signal integrity through 30 GHz
     • Contact profiles as low as 2 mm.
     • In addition to reliable power connections, IDI's contacts              can carry high speed digital and RF signals.  IDI’s blind
       mate RF interconnects provide superior compliance,   
       increased float, and lower cost than traditional coaxial
       blind mate solutions.


Hypertac is a world leading provider of high performance electrical connectors and interconnect solutions for the most demanding applications and is part of the Connector Technology Group of Smiths Group’s Interconnect sector.
Hypertac offers the benefits of a large global business while maintaining its geographic presence. This structure ensures that customers are able to interact with engineers and sales colleagues who speak their own language, have a comprehensive knowledge of the range of products available throughout the group and can draw on experience from working in particular application environments.
In addition to the brands above, Admati is an independent distributor for the following brands:
TE Connactivity
ITT Cannon
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