Reliability tests & ESD/LU

Since 2002, Reltech Limited has provided comprehensive semiconductor testing services, Burn-In, Reliability & Life Testing and Qualification for many well-known manufacturers and users of semiconductor devices and electronic assemblies.
The independent tests are performed to industry and customer specific standards and are supported by highly trained and competent personnel, assuring users of the up-most integrity and confidentiality at all times.

The extensive range of test options includes:
  • Fully automated test systems
  • Industry and customer specific standards
  • Hardware design
  • Test software generation
  • Test socket selection & application
  • Device monitoring
Phasix ESD is an up-and-coming semiconductor device ESD test center. Our objective is to create a center of excellence for ESD testing allowing our customers to obtain rapid, accurate ESD test results for device qualification and characterization.
We offer Human Body Model (HBM), Machine Model (MM) and Charged Device Model (CDM) ESD testing and we can also perform Latch-up testing. Our HBM, MM and Latch-up testers have capacity for devices up to 512 pins and our CDM tester is not limited by pincount.
We are highly responsive, offering guaranteed turnaround times to ensure your precious time-to-market is not compromised by device qualifications. Our standard guaranteed turnaround time is just five days, and we can go even faster than this if you need us to.
Our experience of more than 20 years in the ESD and semiconductor business, coupled with our accreditation to ISO9001:2008 and ISO17025:2005 assures you of the highest quality and integrity of results.
Phasix ESD is a UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 4670.
We are also proud to be members of the National Microelectronics Institute.
NanoScope Services has actively supported European clients for many years, in the Fabless and foundry semiconductor market. Our offerings include Circuit Nano-surgery (edit), Quick Fab process qualifications, advanced analysis and microscopy and Physical Failure analysis services. The immediate advantages for Israeli customers using NanoScopes UK facilities (rather than a US lab for instance) may be easily summarised.
1) Expert technologists with extensive experience in all aspects of FIB technology (NanoScope engineers ran the first FIB Service lab in Europe (1992) , and all FEI service labs in Europe for 15 years, and Nanoscope for 8 years)
2) Same time zone communications and support – with live ‘over the web’ video conferencing to FIB or Optical microscopes available.
3) Shorter Shipping times (1 day each way rather than 2 or 3) = plus our Urgent Service option for engineers in a hurry.
4) Broad in-house knowledge and partner lab network for more complex requests.
5) NanoScope only charge for ‘expert tool time’, and we won’t be beaten on quality or $ per result.
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