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Admati Expands Cooperation with Sensata Technologies

In latest news, Admati Agencies and Sensata Technologies decided to expend their cooperation. In its latest move to expend its operation in the Israeli market, Sensata decided to appoint Admati as its exclusive representative for Sensata's Kavlico line of sensors and transducers. In addition, Admati was also appointed as the exclusive representative for the Klixon line of products, circuit breakers, thermostats, and switches.

Mr. Ehud Admati, CEO and Chairman of Admati Group stated that this is a "vote of confidence" by Sensta and is a result for the substantial gain in market share that Admati brought to Sensata's Qinex line of burn in sockets. Mr. Admati added that "we are looking forward for this new challenge, and wee are confident that Admati Agencies will bring the desired results to our valued partners".

For additional information on Kavlico's line of sensors and transducers or Klixon line of Circuit Breakers, switches, thermal protectors, and Thermostats please contact Admati Agencies at: or our VP Sales, Dori Shifman at 050-331-4700.

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